Riduan and Hanizah

I felt hot with injustice when I heard their story. Their wedding planner ran off with their 80% deposit and with it, the gown, photography and decoration plans. That sense of injustice was quickly replaced by intense compassion. I mean… what if that happened to me with my own wedding?!

Before I reached out to Riduan, I already made a decision to cover their wedding as a gift. The only catch? I’ve never done a Malay Wedding before! But the couple were kind and appreciative and before I knew it, the day was up and we had the most fun going through it all together!

Wan and Hani, my deepest wish for happiness in your marriage and it was my honour to bless you 🙂

To all our friends, this is why we do what we do. Because it’s not just the pictures, and more than ever it’s not about the money… It’s the memories.