Qizhi and Miki AD

Qizhi and Miki were introduced to me in the strangest of ways. My parents are marriage preparation facilitators for the Alpha Course and the couple came under them during their time preparing for marriage. As a custom, my parents gave them my namecard (yay!) and right after, we met! We hit off almost immediately when we realised we had a number of mutual friends in fact! All of this felt so coincidentally it was almost divine.

It was there that our connection through church and our relationship with God that sparked an even greater desire to document the best pictures for them on their ROM. During their small ROM ceremony, I had the undeniable sensing that the air was thick with joy, celebration and a holy presence of peace so much so that Qizhi was constantly tearing and weeping at every juncture. Then again, Qizhi is an emotional man, I of course found this out on the wedding solemnisation day as well!

Their parents weren’t present during the ROM day, but knowing well that, they skyped home with the help of a few friends and all was good. What a hearty atmosphere!

Then came the Singapore leg of their wedding tour. Their wedding was a marvel to be honest. We’re looking here at Singapore-Japan-China weddings. Wow! I’m glad I got to cover the Singapore leg of it to be honest. I got to see the raw emotions of their families who made it down this time and of the close friends who came to witness their coming together!

We even managed to steal time to have some fun shots as well and i’m so glad that we’re not just photographer and clients, but friends now in so many ways 🙂

Congrats Qizhi and Miki! Can’t wait to do more for you in the future. When you have a kid? 😉